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About Me

I am a long time photographer and photojournalist operating out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  My passion lies in bringing the observer of my work through a journey of light and color.  The eye is the vehicle that enhances this odyssey and for each of us it is a different experience.  It is my goal to provide each of my viewers a pathway to a new visual experience.


I started this passion in my early teens during the era of film and have continued to elevate my experiences and my skills as a freelance photographer.  I am grateful to have been blessed with a talent that allows me to express my feelings through digital media.


My credits include A Toto Pilar Magazine, Smithsonian, ENR Magazine, the film industry as a stills photographer, gallery presentations and freelance photojournalism.  I have a self-published book Photos by Greger: A Journey Through Light and Color and have sold my work to private collectors.


I take my work very seriously and I am available for photography and photojournalism assignments by contacting me either by phone or through my website.  One can also purchase my work either framed or unframed.  Please contact me vie e-mail for a quotation.


Allow me to be your guide into my world of light and color.   

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